Entry #1

Hey! I have returned!

2017-05-02 16:43:50 by Eviladrianin

*read this with Dr Nick Riviera's voice* Hello, everybody! *ok, you can stop making a fool out of yourself* I have returned from a very long period of inactivity. A lot has been going on and I decided to create some cool stuff to share with the Newgrounds community! I'm planning on releasing a bunch of songs I will produce specially for this site, thanks to the music production skills I've been granted by the Gods of Creativity. I also look forward to release an original flash game with my newest creation... The Cosmic Dinodog! (yeah, that's the name of the guy and the name of my musical project) So, stay tuned for some cool stuff that's coming to your Newgrounds feed! Oh, yeah!


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2017-07-18 23:49:01

Nice to hear that!

Eviladrianin responds:

Yay! :D